Short Working Distance & Compact Form Factor

Several major advantages stem from the lightweight, compact form factor of the paraboloidal mirror lens and its more practical working distances in comparison to the KB mirror, including: 

  1. Ability to scan the optic (rather than the sample) for large or sensitive samples
  2. Potential to incorporate a turret of multiple optics, with optics optimized for separate energy bandwidths or for different applications
  3. Minimal focal blurring from vibration of upstream optics. The impact of minor mechanical or thermal vibrations are substantially more severe at the meters-long working distances of the KB mirror rather than the mm's-scale working distance of the KB mirror (see figure)

These benefits combine to enable the cost-effective development or upgrade of beamlines. In development, multiple modalities can be incorporated in a compact beamline that is substantially shorter than the 50+ meter long standard beamline. In upgrades, existing optics can be replaced in a straightforward manner due to low requirements of the paraboloidal x-ray mirror lens.