Advanced Photon Source Talk

Dr. Wenbing Yun recently presented a well-attended seminar at the Advanced Photon Source on Sigray's newest synchrotron optics developments. The axially symmetric, submicron synchrotron x-ray mirror lens provides immense advantages over conventional Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror optics approaches, particularly for microfocusing applications. 

He presented on the intrinsic and practical advantages, including:

  • >4X larger x-ray flux at focus (due to >2X larger numerical aperture)
  • Potential for 2X higher spatial resolution (intrinsically 4nm!)
  • Significantly relaxed angular vibration tolerance requirements of upstream beamline optical components, owing to shorter working distances in two orthogonal directions
  • Axial symmetry, which removes the tailings artifacts common in KB mirrors due to asymmetry
  • Achieving large demagnification of the source and thus small focus due to short working distance
  • Substantially larger field of view to achieve high spatial resolution along the x-ray beam axis (e.g., developing super high resolution confocal microXRF)  
  • Light, low weight and compact form factor allows straightforward scanning of the mirror lens (particularly important when samples are difficult to scan)
  • Less complex electro-mechanical system: 4 degrees of freedom instead of 8 or more
  • Ease of alignment and to ensure optimal focusing 

To accomplish this, Sigray has developed advanced manufacturing and metrology technology for producing axially symmetric mirror lenses.  Dr. Yun presented recent results of the x-ray mirror lens development. Also discussed were the potential applications of the lenses and configurations for use at synchrotron sources for focusing and other exciting potential applications.

Acknowledgments go to the NSF, Division of Industrial Innovation & Partnerships for funding the development of x-ray mirror lens (IIP-1448727) and to the  DOE: Department of Energy (DE-SC0015196) for their small business grants.