Sigray Product Overview

We aim to revolutionize the x-ray analytical instrumentation field with our patented technology. Our systems include: standalone, turnkey solutions that achieve the highest performance realizable outside of the synchrotron and x-ray system components for those seeking to develop or upgrade x-ray synchrotron beamline and laboratory-based instrumentation. 

Currently, Sigray offers four major product lines:

X-ray Optics

Sigray’s proprietary x-ray optics include:

  • Synchrotron axially symmetric paraboloidal mirror lens for beamline development and upgrades with major benefits over KB mirrors, including: higher flux, lower cost, and easier alignment
  • Laboratory twin paraboloidal x-ray mirror lens optimal for coupling to ultrabright small spot laboratory x-ray sources.
    • These mirror lenses provide substantial advantages that include focusing to a single achromatic focal spot, superior brightness preservation, and large working distances compared to conventional polycapillary optics. 

X-ray Source

Sigray’s patented x-ray sources provide orders of magnitude higher brightnesss than conventional microfocus x-ray sources through the use of innovative microstructured anode designs.

The sources feature high x-ray flux and access to multiple new target materials to provide intensity and energy-tunability previously only achievable at synchrotron light sources. The source may be bundled with an x-ray optic in the FAAST-Micro.

In addition, we offer custom x-ray sources for Talbot-Lau phase contrast interferometry upon request (email to inquire).  

AttoMap™: Standalone X-ray Analytical Microscope (microXRF & more)

With limits of detection approaching sub-femtogram levels (1-10 ppm within 1 second) and resolution down to <8 µm, the AttoMap™ x-ray analytical microscope is one of the most powerful trace elemental mapping instruments available. Its sensitivity is comparable to techniques such as LA-ICP-MS or PIXE and far exceeds the sensitivities achievable through conventional microXRF and through electron microscopy-based methods.

The Sigray AttoMap™ is a breakthrough in compositional mapping and quantification for the most challenging samples and applications, including emerging research in:

  • Nanoparticles (in materials science, nanoparticle-based drug delivery, and more)
  • Mineralogy (e.g. clays and trace minerals, rare earth elements in geochronology, tailings in mining)
  • Advanced materials development (polymers/plastics, ceramics, batteries)
  • Biological metallomics (distribution of trace elements within pathological tissues and cells
  • Semiconductor trace metal and contamination mapping in process development, failure analysis, and process monitoring for both front-end and back-end packaging applications

A gallery of results demonstrating the AttoMap's capabilities can be found here

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