TriLambda NanoXRM

highest resolution 3d nano-Ct, with unique capabilities for
Multiple energies to optimize throughput and contrast

TriLambda NanoXRM is the most powerful 3D x-ray microscope on the market, with spatial resolution reaching down to 40 nanometers, field of view up to 80 microns, and tri-energy capabilities. This nano-CT instrument features Sigray’s unique microfocus laboratory X-ray source and was developed by Sigray founder Dr. Wenbing Yun, who previously founded Xradia and led the development of the 50-nm UltraXRM (nanoXCT). 

Up to three energies can be selected on TriLambda, including:

  • 8 keV (optimal for metals and semiconductor samples)

  • 6.4 keV (optimal for ceramics)

  • 5.4 keV (ideal for rocks, bone, and stained tissue)

  • 2.7 keV (ideal for unstained biological samples, such as cells)


 Why TriLambda (Three Wavelengths)?

X-ray contrast varies significantly for each x-ray energy, impacting both the time to acquire data and more importantly, the visibility of structures. For example, 5.4 keV is optimal for geological samples (SiO2) but poor for samples with metal in them. For polymers and cells, soft x-ray energies (2.7 keV) provide profound advantages over 8 keV.

In recognition of this, Sigray developed the TriLambda as a 3-in-1 system to enable flexibility for busy central laboratories that see samples ranging from semiconductor devices to cells. Moreover, the system can switch between absorption to phase contrast - and change from 120 nm (large field of view) to 40 nm (high resolution) imaging.


Battery Examples


Fruit Fly Brain




Pharmaceutical Powder - 3D NanoXRM

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