AttoMap x-ray analytical microscope

Sigray's AttoMap x-ray analytical microscope is a powerful compositional mapping and analytical technique. The system is based on a patent-pending x-ray source and optic technologies, which enable the system to approach the extraordinary performance of beamlines located at synchrotron particle accelerator facilities. 

Modalities enabled by the system include:

  • Micro x-ray fluorescence for chemical mapping at trace concentrations and spot sizes of <8 µm, with the following advantages:
    • Non-destructive and requires negligible or zero sample preparation
    • Sub-ppm (relative) and sub-femtogram (absolute) sensitivity achieved within seconds
    • >100X higher throughput, combined with substantially higher resolution and sensitivity, than any other laboratory microXRF
    • Optimal sensitivities for a wide range of elements by providing access to multiple energies (through a multi-target design)
  • High resolution (<1.5 µm) 2D x-ray microscopy
  • Optical microscopy to correlate to information provided by the x-ray fluorescence

The system is designed for ultimate flexibility in a busy central laboratory, with customizable options to optimize performance for applications spanning from biological tissue samples to metals. 

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