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  • AttoMap microXRF and x-ray microanalytical microscope

Laboratory X-ray Sources

  • XCITE: X-ray source and optic system, designed for x-ray instrumentation researchers and manufacturers and optimized for x-ray microanalytical applications (microXRF, microXRD, SAXS, etc.)

  • Talbot Lau Phase Contrast Source (FAAST-Phase): An x-ray source microstructured to produce a Talbot interference pattern

Understanding micro-XRF

The following review papers are recommended to understand the potential of our AttoMap micro x-ray fluorescence system.

JF Collingwood and F Adams. "Chemical imaging analysis of the brain with X-ray methods," Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy (2017). 

Additional downloads

  • X-ray Optics: Cordier M, et al. "Advanced toward submicron resolution optics for x-ray instrumentation and applications." SPIE Proceedings 2017.

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