Laboratory X-ray Optics

Sigray produces customized high efficiency laboratory x-ray optics

  • Twin paraboloidal, ellipsoidal, or Wolter-type
  • Achromatic collimating or focusing
  • For building microXRF, microXRD, protein crystallography, and SAXS systems

Highest Resolution Laboratory Optics

Sigray's laboratory x-ray optics are designed to be coupled to the highest brightness nanofocus or microfocus x-ray sources, with spot size focusing reaching below 8 micrometers. 


About Sigray Laboratory Optics

Sigray's laboratory x-ray optics are designed for coupling to the newest generation of ultrabright micro and nanofocus x-ray sources. The inner surface profile of the optic is shaped with two mirrored paraboloids: one that collimates the x-ray source beam and a second optic that focuses the collimated beam onto a single spot. 


Advantages that the optics provide include:

  • Intense flux at the sample, due to a combination of: small point spread function, high transmission efficiency of ~80%, and large numerical aperture of the optics
  • Highest quality spot of any laboratory x-ray optic: microns-scale spot with minimal tails
  • Pencil beam focusing with large working distance (up to 50 mm) for excellent depth-of-focus
  • Achromatic to ensure all x-rays are concentrated onto the same single spot