Dopants in FinFETS & Dielectrics

The sensitivity of the AttoMap microXRF enables quantitative analysis of trace levels of dopants in FinFETS and has demonstrated down to 2 nm thickness of high-k dielectric films at 1% repeatability.

Acquisition is non-destructive and can be performed within seconds. Ultimate sensitivity for dopants such as Ni, La, Hf, etc.


ABF and Buried Layer Thicknesses

The AttoMap provides non-destructive quantification of the thickness and thickness variation of ABF (ajinomoto build-up material), small sub-surface irregularities, and measurement of other buried structures or layers (e.g. Cu, Ti, etc) at down to 5 ms/point.



Contaminants and Particle Migration

Migration of elements can affect device performance. The AttoMap enables microns-scale, sub-ppm quantification for spatially resolved elemental distribution.