Synchrotron X-ray Optics Brochure

Sigray has introduced a series of high resolution and high efficiency x-ray optics that can be customized to specific beamline needs, for applications including:

  • ARPES (Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy)

  • PEEM (Photoemission Electron Microscopy)

  • Ptychography

  • TXM (Transmission X-ray Microscopy)

  • microXRD (Micro X-ray Diffraction) & protein crystallography

  • microXRF (Micro X-ray Fluorescence)

  • XAFS (X-ray Spectroscopy)

  • Super confocal

For more information on how the optics compare to KB mirrors and ZPs, please fill out the following form to access an informational PDF download on the optic:

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